Prashant Caterers

M/s. PRASHANT CATERERS (PC), a registered partnership firm, was established in January 1972.The first business venture for PC was a vegetarian restaurant under the name of Samrat Restaurant at Churchgate, Mumbai.

Subsequently, these families also established other business landmark in South Mumbai like Asiatic Department Stores opposite Churchgate Station.

Samrat Veg Resturant
Relish International Veg Cuisine
210 Veg Gourmet Bakery
Umag and Utsav


By happy customers

  • We never miss an opportunity to visit this restaurant for lunch whenever we are in Mumbai . The thali served is awesome . Very good taste . Staff are very friendly . In peak hours one may have to wait for a few minutes to get a table.

    - SUDHINDRA2014

  • This place boasts of the best Gujarati thali in Mumbai hands down. Very prominent location, great food, good seating and staff. Must visit for family.

    - KANDARP09

  • Just go for it... the service is excellent along with authentic gujju thali. Prior reservation is desirable in case you do not wish to wait.

    - BERZIN M.

  • V good n tasty food. If you are very hungry n doesn't have much time then visit here . THALI will satisfy your hunger. Nonstop continuos service of tasty food variety is v good n ambiance is also good . Take special care during rush hours to avoid waiting.


  • delicious and extravagant menu ,with vegetarian food which is home like,less oil and very flavourfull

    - PRAMILA2016

  • When we arrived we had to wait for sometime, however it was well worth it. The food was amazing especially the dhokla. We had ordered the gujrathi thali which consisted of 3 vegetables and 2 dals. The dessert was very good. One has three choices for dessert, Shrikhand, Raasmulai and Gulab Jamun. The Gulab jamun was exceptional.


  • I had found a greatest ever experience of having such amazing fine Gujarati Thali with great foodstuffs for a perfect lunch. A combo of lunch thali with special sweet dishes, chaas and kadi, also with season special Aamras. The restaurant has the best service and the best recommended for pure veg. fine dining.

    - SHUBHAM1607

  • This restaurant will never disappoint you . You have a wide variety of dishes and thalis. They also have great combos for all . Try the bindi masala, panner tikka and roti. The prices have increased and hence was a bit disappointed!

    - SHRUTI S.

  • This is all vegetarian restaurant specialised in Gujarati / Rajasthani Thali meals. They serve finger licking thalis and if you do not want that than some ala carte options and sweets. Taste of thali food is super yummy and assortment of offering comes with experience of years only. Service is lighting fast in thali section and staff is friendly. Ambience of the place is rustic which matches with product they are offering. Prices can seem on bit higher side but quality what they are offering does match it.

    - CHIRAGM1

  • I visited Samrat veg restaurant, churchgate, Mumbai for evening tea and snacks. We ordered for one 'corn bhel', one 'garlic bread', one regular tea and one masala tea. Undoubtedly both snacks items were good in taste. However, we were served two masala tea. It means they forgot to serve one regular tea and served masala tea instead. We pointed out. The staff though admitted the carelessness however regular tea could come after noticeable delay. I have noticed carelessness in staff behaviour during lunch hour also.In earlier days, customer care was on top priority in this restaurant. Management should see, no compromise takes place in the area of customer care..Dr Amrish Sinhaa, Mumbai.

    - AMRISH S.

  • Samrat is an ideal restaurant for lunch for office goers in Nariman Point area. It serves delicious Gujarati thali at a very reasonable price. Besides it is not heavy on the stomach. Also good for family lunches on week ends.


  • Unlimited food in thali system. Good food and excellent service. Must try food at least once. There is also a cake n chocolate shop at the entrance with amazing deserts

    - PUNIT75_APPS

  • You want a marwari or gujarati thali, and you are near church gate, they offer the best at reasonable price


  • One of decent places near Churchgate station in south mumbai. We relish the good and tasty Punjabi cuisine the restaurant serves. completely family restaurant and during our visit it was very much evident. Food is tasty and service is good also not so heavy on pockets as well.


  • Great place to enjoy a thaali. The food is fresh made with good ingredients. Although it might be a bit oily, the taste is fantastic


  • We had been to Samrat Restaurant for their famous Gujarati Thali. After waiting for 30 minutes we got the table. It took 15 minutes for the waiter just to get the Thali. We complained several times but had to wait for 15 minutes just to get Empty Thali. The Service is very slow and if you need any servings then you have to call 3-4 times then only they shall come to serve. The food taste is very good. The service has to be improved

    - SEHUL10